About SM

From a cognitive, Bangladesh is light by own history heritage, culture and civilization. At present the era of digitalization Sm soft tech wants to pick up to Bangladesh in the world. It is not only the drawn of fm soft tech but also whole Bangladesh.

Form the, Sm soft tech we do suitable kind & marketing of web design, E-commerce, Domain, siftings ERP software management. We reach the information from one corner to another in the world by web.

Flow to use or directorate, to solve why problem/difficulty at a project, there it has mentioned to get rid of by comminuted with us. We even endured & determined that to marketing web or software of any organizations.

By this web soft you can show lop your organizations many information to your client and to world and for this E-commerce web site keep a very vital role.

By this sit at home customer can buy goods used by bank card. You can monitor your organization services and accounts of goods sold at online at any place now.

We SM SOFT TECH started form 2010. That time we had not made big software. At present, by spread our Chittagong and Dhaka with others division Sm soft tech does their work. Now we provided ERP software at many corporate offices.

We expect that in future we will reach at Sm soft tech an international level/place. At moment present we urged us successfully entreated new ship.

We not want even change our business motion by serviced. We want understand to crore citizens as them same by serviced and can make bonding.